Whether you need a simple telephone number changed on your site, or a 24/7 watchdog for your e-commerce applications, you will need what is called in the industry, a Webmaster. Since permanent employment of a good Webmaster would cost you $75-100,000 a year in salary, plus benefits, it is typical for companies to outsource this role to internet companies.

For small changes, such as changing a monthly calendar, changing contact names and numbers, revamping your sales pitch, etc., our professional Webmasters will take care of your site at an hourly rate. This translates into big savings for you in not having to hire a full time employee, or train yourself in complicated programming languages.

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If you are in need of a more robust type of Webmaster service, we can help you put together the right package. We will monitor your e-commerce applications, answer customer feedback, just about anything you need done. Please contact our sales team to discuss pricing schedules.


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