Developing an online presence for your company is only half the battle. Once the site is up, Lonesome George Web can work with you to bring the types of traffic that can make your internet investment pay off in huge amounts. The following are a list of programs that can help bring traffic to your site.

Affiliate marketing is a simple business relationship in which a merchant rewards an affiliate (anyone who has the attention of consumers with Web access) for leads and sales. Lonesome George Web, through partnership with's affiliate sharing network helps bring merchants and affiliates together for profitable relationships on the Web.

  • Affiliates direct traffic to merchant Web sites through banners, personal recommendations, or links within an electronic newsletter.

  • Merchants automatically pay affiliates commissions for referrals, which are measured as clicks, leads (such as when a consumer fills out a form or joins a mailing list), sales (such as when a consumer purchases a product or service) - or all three.

  • Search engines rank pages based on a wide variety of changing algorithms. In order to get to the top, and stay there, you will need expert advice on each of the different search engines, and your site will need modifications to accomodate the different algorithms. Lonesome George Web has specialists available to bring your site to the top of the search engine rankings. Our packages include gauranteed placement in the top 20, and are priced at only a fraction of the equivelant ad space on the search engines.

    Lonesome George Web has editor status at many of the search engines, which allows us to place your site not only in the large database of searchable sites, but within specific targeted category directorys at the search engines.

    Sometimes the best way to increase traffic is through networking with other related sites, and participating in "link-exchange" programs. We can help you determine which sites will bring you the greatest "win" relationship, and which agreements to stay away from.

    If you have further questions, or would like to receive a free consultation, please give us a call, or contact us online today.


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