Lonesome George Web offers all kinds of custom design packages to fit your companies needs. From a simple $400 Startup Package to get your company on the web as quick as possible, all the way to integrated database, custom Java and CGI programming, and e-commerce development, we have a solution that fits you.

Below is a listing of approximate pricing for different levels of design. The prices given are approximate numbers, as every site is designed per custom specifications. If you have further questions, or would like to receive a free consultation, please give us a call, or contact us online today.

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This package is designed for small businesses looking to make their first move onto the web. The package prices out around $400-$500, and includes design of 5 pages, your company provided logo (we can develop a logo for your company if you need one), a contact form for visitors to email you online, and unlimited company provided links, images (scanned or digital). Examples of the Startup Package include the following:

The Culinary Travel Company
A Chicago area company that runs culinary vacations to the wine regions of Italy and France.

Kerner Chiropractic Center
A San Francisco chiropractic office interested in posting information about their services and workshops.

LongView Capital, LLC
A San Francisco headquartered company involved in financial investing.

This package is designed for companies looking to post a brochure-like site on the internet. This package prices out around $500-$1000, and includes design of 20 pages, custom graphical navigation bars, java and java-script bells and whistles, and content development consultations. Examples of this package include:

Terra Mia Decorative Art Studios
A San Francisco pottery studio with lots of studio information and images. This site included a custom designed java applet designed to allow for online painting of artwork.

Insight Research Associates
A large marketing firm centered in Chicago, Insight Research does market research for a large variety of clients.

This package is designed for companies that are looking to sell products on the Internet. It comes with real-time credit card processing of orders, and a sleek shopping cart design to facilitate shoppers. Estimated pricing of this package is $2500, and includes content development consultations. Examples of this product include:

Nuts, candy, gifts, all kinds of sweet foods to choose from. Uses shopping carts and real-time credit card processing to enhance the order process.

An online service dedicated to bringing buyers and sellers together in the world of used, new and demo golf clubs.

An online store dedicated to selling guitar, bass, orchestral, and other types of strings, as well as accessories. Uses real-time credit card processing.

National Sports Employment News
An online shop that sells subscriptions to a printed newsletter of available job openings.

Some design ideas just don't fit into any packaged product. We specialize in taking your idea, and making it into a reality on the web. Some examples of custom design include the above mentioned Terra Mia Design Studios, which needed to allow for painting of virtual pottery, as well as:

An online database of job openings in sports, this site requires a membership fee, before allowing access to the section of the site with the jobs. This site required customized database programming, as well as graphic development, credit-card processing, and content development consultation.

SOCIALMonster is a membership-based organization that creates and plans the social life you deserve.
Members are able to search the online monthly calendar of events with detailed descriptions of activities, fees, number of participants and other important details, and sign up for events online.

A cutting edge financial site, dedicated to delivering real-time portfolio recommendations for US Commodities, and stock indecies.

If you have further questions, or would like to receive a free consultation, please give us a call, or contact us online today.


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